City Couples Go for Dates With Destiny

City Couples Go for Dates With Destiny

Published: December 12, 2012 (Issue # 1739)

The dates of Dec. 12 and 21 have proved popular as wedding dates among engaged couples in the city, Interfax reported.

A total of 480 Petersburg couples have applied for the civil registration of their marriage on Dec. 12, which in digital form is 12.12.12. In comparison, only 74 couples want to get married Dec. 19.

The date of the supposed “end of the world,” which according to an ancient Mayan prophesy may be Dec. 21, has also become a popular date for local weddings, with 320 couples keen to tie the knot that day.

Scientists do not expect the world to end on that day, Interfax reported.

Couples often choose “special” dates on which to tie the knot. For instance, 561 couples got married in St. Petersburg on Nov. 11 last year — the so-called “date of six ones” (11.11.11). Registry offices had to extend their working hours in order to meet demand on that day.

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