Cloud lust: The loneliness of the ‘connected’

They are smaller, lighter, faster, shinier, touchier-screenier. And they are eating us alive. Welcome to the Matrix-Terminator Mobile Communication Device Vortex, the seemingly limitless virtual amusement park of today’s “knowledge society.” It’s a hyper-linked, crypto–vectored, multi-media pseudo-universe where character is the latest device, wisdom is a silicon chip packed with forgettable factoids and love is… “like.” Where everyone but the birds tweet, shopaholics never leave the couch and love at first site is a patented tablet application, it is the Facebooks, the i-Pads, the LiveJournals and the Twitters that rule the day. 2-Minute Warning casts a cynical eye on “staying connected” today.The views expressed in this video are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of RIA Novosti.

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