Cold War Military Complex for Sale in NY

WASHINGTON, April 17 (RIA Novosti) – Looking for the peace of mind that only a building meant to withstand a Soviet nuclear attack can provide? A New York real estate firm may have just the property for you.

A Cold War-era US military installation is on the auction block for less than a million dollars at a former air defense radar station near Syracuse, New York.

The windowless four-story building made of reinforced concrete was part of a network of similar structures that comprised SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) air defense system, which played a key role in US defenses against a potential air attack launched by the Soviet Union.

The structures housed massive computers, making them one of the first major installations of the US military’s “computer-based command and control system,” according to the Cold War/Peace Museum outside of New York City.

Located at the former Hancock Air Force Base, the complex was purchased several years ago by the Brooklyn-based real estate company Sutton Investing Corp., which is selling it for $895,000, the Syracuse newspaper The Post Standard reported.

The complex began operations in 1958 and closed down in 1983, according to the Air Defense Radar Museum.


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