Criminal case over restricting access to Moscow region river

MOSCOW, August 2 (Itar-Tass) — Chairman of the Investigative Committee (SK) Alexander Bastrykin ordered to initiate criminal proceedings against the Moscow region businessman who had restricted access to the river in the town of Pushkino.

“Following a check, a criminal case was opened against director general of the Olvi-V firm Oleg Vetrov, suspected of the commission of two crimes covered by Article 330 of Russia’s Criminal Code (“usurpation of power”).

“It has been ascertained that Vetrov and several executives of the Severny dacha/consumer cooperative fenced the areas located in the Zvyagino district in the town of Pushkino, and in the village of Cherkizovo, Pushkino district, thus barring citizens’ free access to the left tributary of the Klyazma,” the SK said.

The passage to the river was illegally arranged through checkpoints. Also, Vetrov, together with personnel of the organization under his control, cut off electricity from a number of houses in Sosnovaya, Beryozovaya and Dvortsovaya Streets in the town of Pushkino.

Bastrykin ordered the SK departments across the country to check the facts of arbitrary ban of access to water basins.

“The SK chairman ordered the SK departments to check the similar facts of arbitrary seizure of water basins and restricting access to them in other regions of the country. During these checks, an assessment of action – or inaction – by the officials and law-enforcement bodies will be given, as well as by the municipal authorities who are responsible for monitoring the placing of such restrictions,” the SK said.

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