Dazzling light show transforms Moscow’s cityscape

A three-day Circle of Light festival has brought some of the best video artists and light designers from around the world to Red Square.

The event’s organizers say the fest gives a chance to see Moscow in a new light, literally, as 361 multimedia displays and light installations will turn building facades and pavements across the city into a true feast of color. The quantity of professional equipment involved is unprecedented for Russia.

The festival will take place around Moscow’s main attractions: Red Square, the Kremlin, GUM shopping mall, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Gorky Park.

The feature of the show is the collaboration between the buildings and the lighting, the event’s organiser and producer, Jerry P. Appelt told RT.

“It integrates building into the whole show. Each segment of Red Square works in a short sequence. Every full hour all the segments work together,” Appelt said.

­Circle of Light festival opening night – photo gallery

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