Digital Forks

Sept. 18, 7 pm, Gogol, 11 Stoleshnikov Per., bldg. 1, m. Teatralnaya, Chekhovskaya

This is one of the most promising artists on St. Petersburg’s indie scene. Members of this experimental/ electronic lineup describe their material as “post electronics,” jokingly adding that music of this kind could be composed by an old radio teamed up with an air conditioner and a Tetris video game. Meanwhile, critics have noticed influences from the likes of Suicide, Bjork, Death In Vegas and Japan. Digital Forks easily mix regular rock drums with unusual keyboard sounds and computer samples, spiking all that with English-language vocals provided by Olga Karpova.

Formed in 2007, Digital Forks released its first single, “Streams,” in early 2010. Since then, the band has taken part in a number of festivals in Russia, Latvia and Finland, sharing the stage with such artists as Dub FX and Delfin.

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