Disgruntled Russian Farmer Dumps Manure on "Good-For-Nothing" Bank

The sweet smell of justice


This article originally appeared at Zero Hedge

For Russian farmer Alexander Bakshaev, the crushingly high interest rates the banks were charging him on his loan inspired a smelly protest… As Pro-Sibir reports, the fuming farmer repaid his loan with the equivalent value in manure.

As NBC News reports, the manure was worth 40,000 rubles ($610) – the exact amount he owed the bank, Bakshayev told Sibkray.ru.

“The whole of Russia somehow owes something now to these lickspittle good-for-nothing bankers with nothing to do,” Bakshayev was quoted as saying.

He owns 70 cows and 20 piglets but his total debt is 1 million rubles ($15,400), he told Sibkray.ru. That’s 34 times the average monthly salary in Russia of about 29,000 rubles ($450).

The Kremlin has said it relies on Russian farmers to fill the gap caused by an import ban on Western foodstuffs imposed in retribution for sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

However, punitive interest rates have left businesses struggling for money.

Bakshayev’s creditor, the state-run Sberbank, blasted his stunt as “hooliganism” but police in the city of Kuybyshev saw no reason to detain the farmer.

Security guards did not appear in the hour that it took Bakshayev to dump the manure, plant the gallows and pose for interviews in front of the heap.

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The words on the gallows say “Down with credit slavery” and “Bankers are the enemies of the people”

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