DM transfers to municipal ownership 5 land plots for kindergartens

VLADIVOSTOK, August 4 (Itar-Tass) — Russia’s Defence Ministry has transferred to municipal ownership of Vladivostok five land plots in the new residential neighbourhood Snegovaya Pad that is under construction. They will be used to building there of two kindergartens, a school and a policlinic for the district’s residents, the press service of the Duma (legislature) of the Primorsky Territory capital told Itar-Tass.

Without this decision the city authorities could not put into operation already built facilities and hold tenders for holding a series of improvement works. “This will allow us to open the first kindergarten in Snegovaya Pad on September 1, which means 260 children will got places there,” the press service noted.

The Snegovaya pad district is being built in Vladivostok under the federal program of provision housing to military servicemen. Already about 3,000 families have already received keys from new apartments, but the number of those who have settled there does not exceed 100. The reason is the lack of infrastructure in the district. The city officials are building in the neighbourhood with federal funds three kindergartens, two schools, two policlinics and a sports and recreation centre, but the work has been hampered by the fact that the issue of transfer of land ownership from the Ministry of Defence to the city remained unsettled.

It is planned to build in the Snegovaya Pad district in Vladivostok at an area of 138 hectares a total of 44 houses with 9,662 apartments, as well as five schools and five kindergartens, a children’s and adult policlinics and a sports complex with a swimming pool. These facilities are to be commissioned before 2012, after which the construction will be continued. With the lapse of time, the district’s population will increase to 50,000. Most of them are families of retired or active duty military personnel.


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