Driver Suspected of Running over Couple in Parking Dispute

MOSCOW, June 2 (RIA Novosti) – A driver in the city of Podolsk near Moscow is suspected of running over a family couple after a brawl over parking, the Moscow Region Investigative Department said on Saturday.

Investigators believe that two men brawled over an improperly parked Volvo car on Wednesday evening.

“When the fistfight was over, the Volvo driver started his vehicle and deliberately ran over his opponent. Then, without slowing down, he knocked down his opponent’s wife and drove over her. The couple’s underage son was watching the scene,” the Moscow Region Investigative Department gave its version of the accident in a statement.

The woman died of injuries immediately, while her 32-year-old husband was taken to hospital with chest and leg injuries.

The driver fled immediately, but his car was found nearby later that day. The suspect, an unemployed Moscow resident born in 1978, was detained two days later.

He claimed not guilty, saying he hit the man accidentally, and denied running over the woman.

The department’s spokeswoman, Irina Gumennaya, said the suspect’s statement clearly contradicts accounts from eyewitnesses.

An investigation is ongoing.


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