Eco-friendly travel grips Moscow

A week of environmental activities dedicated to World Car Free Day kicked off in Russia.

The event is being marked on September 22 in hundreds of cities around the globe.

Organizers are promoting the idea of using bicycles, scooters, skateboards and public transportation rather than cars.

Russia joined World Car Free Day in 2008.

The first of this year’s activities took place in Moscow today. Environmental activists staged a flash mob trying to highlight the problem of air pollution.

In the upcoming days, the capital will see organized bike rides, environmental excursions, and outdoor activities in various parks.

Moscow has recently been at the epicenter of different environmental efforts. For example, the capital’s Gorky Park is now experiencing a cutting-edge cleanup. In order to make the place cleaner, environmentalists are using a product that contains microorganisms created by Russian scientists to replenish soil.

The microorganisms consume pesticides that have accumulated in the soil. As a result, the park should become greener.

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