Elton John wants showdown with anti-gay Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia News.Net
Thursday 23rd January, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently said that he does not run a homophobic regime and gays are welcome at the Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi next month.

And as proof, Putin said that he is a fan of the Elton John’s music.

However, Sir Elton said that he would like to show Putin gay Russians who were attacked or threatened, in the past, as a result of his gay propaganda laws, the Daily Star reported.

He said that Putin’s legislation was promoting misunderstanding and ignorance and was deeply dangerous to the LGBT community.

The 66-year-old musician said that vicious homophobia has been legitimised by the legislation and given extremists cover to abuse people’s basic human rights.

John said that he had met gay men and lesbians in Moscow who told him about threats from vigilantes.

He added that he would welcome the opportunity to introduce Putin to some Russians who deserve to be heard, and to be treated in their own country with the same respect and warm welcome that he received on his last visit. (ANI)

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