Environmentalists Hail Russia’s Eco-Policy

Russian environmental activists have praised Russia’s eco-policy recently approved by President Dmitry Medvedev and said they were expecting the implementation of the plans outlined in the document.


“It’s a rather revolutionary document. It’s the first document of this scale regarding Russia’s ecological policy. We should develop legislation based on this strategy since the points expressed in the document do not have legal authority,” the head of the WWF Russia, Igor Chestin, told RIA Novosti.


Medvedev adopted on Tuesday basic principles of the state environmental development policy through to 2030. The document which was developed with the help of the WWF Russia stipulates the implementation of a number of social and economic measures that would contribute to “ecologically-oriented economic growth” that includes among others environment protection, ensuring eco-security and the adoption of ecological legislation.


Greenpeace Russia, which did not participate in drawing up the document, said that there could be some problems with the implementation of the initiatives.

“The program is designed for many years ahead. And there are grounds to fear that something will be done only in seven or eight years. Until there is a direct legislation on ecology, we can hardly hope for something,” Ivan Blokov of Greenpeace Russia said, adding that they were also ready to contribute to the strategy.


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