Ex-Miss Russia jailed again in NY

Former Russian beauty queen Anna Malova has been sent back to jail in New York after she got kicked off the rehabilitation program prescribed to her by a court for assaulting a fellow patient.

­Charges against Malova deal with her repeatedly forging prescriptions to get painkillers. She is accused of stealing prescription forms from her psychiatrists in order to obtain Vicodin and Klonipin. Other charges include shoplifting. The former Miss Russia could face seven years in prison. She has never admitted any of the charges.

With her court appearance scheduled for next week, Malova is being held without bail at least until that time. If she successfully undergoes the 12-month treatment program, she might have the charges dismissed. Now she might be tried if the court determines she has failed at rehab. Malova faces deportation from the US where she has already received a Green Card.

A doctor back in Russia, Anna Malova, now 39, was named Miss Russia and made it to the top 10 in the Miss Universe pageant in 1998.

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