Explosions At Russian Military Base Finally Cease

URMAN, Russia — Explosions caused by a fire at a military ammunition depot in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan nearly a week ago have finally ceased, RFE/RL’s Tatar-Bashkir and Russian services report.

The fire and explosions started at a military base northeast of the republic’s capital, Ufa, on May 26.

Some of those who had been among more than 7,000 local residents evacuated from the area last week started returning to the village of Urman in the Iglino district on June 1.

Those whose homes are situated close to the burning military facility are still unable to return home because the fire is still burning.

More than 116 people were made homeless by the incident, 12 were injured, and some 500 left unemployed after their businesses were destroyed by the fire and explosions.

Bashkortostan Security Council head Marat Magadeev told journalists that new homes will be built and finished by August for those who are homeless.

Firefighters were able to enter the base on the morning of June 1 after the explosions stopped. Magadeev told journalists that heavy rain is currently helping to extinguish the blaze.

Russian soldier Sergei Denyayev has reportedly been charged with starting a fire that led to the explosions after he violated military regulations on the handling of explosive materiel.

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