Fatah-Hamas deal signing underway

A ceremony of the signing of the Fatah-Hamas peace deal scheduled for Wednesday in Cairo is currently underway, Ha’aretz newspaper reported.

Earlier in the day, world media reported the signing of the deal was delayed after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas insisted on being the sole speaker at the event.

The reconciliation agreement is to end a four-year split between the two Palestinian factions who have been at loggerheads since Hamas ousted Fatah forces from Gaza in 2007.

According to the agreement, Hamas and Fatah will form a technocratic government to unify national institutions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and prepare for national elections within a year.

Israeli authorities have denounced the peace deal between Hamas and Fatah, which were reached last week during talks in Egypt, and threatened sanctions, calling on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to choose between peace with a “terrorist organization,” Hamas, or Israel.

CAIRO, May 4 (RIA Novosti)

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