Fighting for a free Libya

RIA Novosti’s Andrei Stenin spent almost a month with the Libyan rebels.
A photojournalist by trade, he wrote this account of his experiences as a collection of fast-moving vignettes in the hopes of giving readers a vivid picture of life on the front lines in Libya.
* * * We link up with a group of Libyan rebels heading west. Everyone is upbeat and hopeful we’ll get to the capital, Tripoli, before long.
Rebels passing by shout “Gaddafi – caput!” and toss snacks and juice into the car.
They are armed with all sorts of exotic weapons, from a vintage pistol to a brand-new French assault rifle that resembles a musical instrument.
The young men in the car are messing around with a Beretta. No one is surprised by the sight of a man on crutches who comes round holding TNT attached to a short fu…

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