From Russia: Our Volga Got Attacked!


Today in Russia I have been thinking about some incidents that have been happening around our flats. We have it seems a group of teenagers that are bored and they feel the need to break out peoples windows on their cars.

We have a windshield on our Volga that is cracked in 6 places. They tried real hard to break the old girls front windshield but it was just too tough to fall out. I will get some pictures as soon as the snow stops falling.

Some good friends of ours had their rear windows completely knocked out and another guy had to put two rear windows in. All the above in the same week.

At first I did the typical: “They did it because I am America!”

Sorry Kyle, but they did it because the car was parked near a pile of rocks that stuck out of the snow and the car made a good target for flying projectiles.

I have to catch myself once in a while when the feelings of being picked on happen. It is a old trait from America that has no place in Russia or for that fact anywhere in the world.

The one thing that Russia and the world has taught me is that 90% of the people in the world do not care where you are from and who you are. Just do not bother them and they will not bother you!

Now about them kids ……

Kyle & Svet

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