Fuel prices raised again in Belarus

MINSK, August 20 (Itar-Tass) — The weekend began with unpleasant news for Belarussian drivers — the fuel prices have risen in the republic again, for the sixth time this year.

The filling stations’ prices rose three percent on the average, the state-run company Belneftekhim reported.

A litre of AI-92 petrol costs 4460 Belarussian rbls (about 26 RF rbls), the price for AI-95 is 4800, and diesel fuel costs 4720 a litre.

The prices for oil products are changed with the aim to equalize the cost stage-by-stage in the Customs Union countries, a company source said, noting that the retail prices still were lower than those in the Russian Federation by three percent.

In the first months of this year, the prices for automobile fuel in the republic went up by five, ten and twenty percent. The rise of 30 percent on June 7 was followed by mass actions of protest of drivers, and the authorities had to lower the petrol prices. After that, the prices were raised gradually in the republic. The previous increase of around three percent was reported on July 21.


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