Fundraiser 2: Payback Time


Sharon Stone attends the first charity concert in St. Petersburg in December

But the event was overshadowed by the fact that the funds raised did not seem to make it to their supposed recipients — at least this was the accusation leveled by an angry mother in an open letter written three months later. 

A slightly different cast this time around. Mostly grinning down from the Federation Fund’s advertising billboards around Moscow’s muggy streets are: Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, Monica Belluci, Kevin Costner, among many others. 

The looming event of course raises the other issue of what Russia’s judo-hurling, butterfly-swimming, tiger-tranquilizing strongman PM could have in store for us later this month. After all, as he told young Russians after singing songs with them round a campfire on a Sochi beach last month: “I am good at everything.” 

Tom Balmforth

Tags: Russia, Putin, Stone

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