Gaddafi lays down arms after air strike threat

Tripoli has submitted to the UN Security Council’s demands and declared a ceasefire. The move comes after several nations announced preparation for air strikes on Gaddafi’s troops, to which the UN resolution gave the green light.

The ceasefire was announced by Libyan Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa in a TV statement. He pledged that the government will do its best to ensure peace and order in the country and protect human rights.

He also pointed to the hardships that sanctions imposed by the world community against Gaddafi’s regime bring to the population.

The minister said the government is ready to negotiate with any forces interested in preserving Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called for an international on-site investigation into the situation.

Earlier on Thursday, the UN Security Council approved a resolution which allowed military action against Libyan forces as long as they helped stop violence in the country and did not include any ground operations.

After the resolution came into force, France, Britain and Saudi Arabia were reportedly ready to begin air strikes on government troops in several hours.

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