Georgian householders strike oil

Citizens of the Georgian town of Batumi had a rare chance to stockpile oil reserves in the comfort of their own homes, as the liquid hydrocarbon has been pouring from their taps instead of water.

Oil has been gushing from domestic water taps in Batumi, due to mistakes made during repairs to a local water conduit, the Georgian news agency InterpreeNews reported on Sunday. The fuel got into the water system from a nearby oil supply line, recently damaged.

The oil has already banjaxed water heaters and washing machines in many homes.

“Representatives of the oil terminal have offered assurances that all the defects have been eliminated,” said InterpreeNews.

The country’s water supply system is managed by the “Water of Batumi” company. But with the company’s leadership currently out of Georgia, prosecutors have only been able to detain the firm’s technical director.

Local residents deprived of drinking water for a second day have had to resort to collecting rain water.

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