Georgian opposition parties unite ahead of 2012 elections

Six Georgian opposition parties have united in a Free Choice coalition in a bid to gain parliamentary majority at the upcoming October 2012 parliamentary elections, a joint statement said on Friday.

The new coalition, which comprises Our Georgia – Free Democrats, Way of Georgia parties as well as the Conservative Party, the Republican Party, the People’s Party and National Forum party have announced ambitious plans to “shuffle the county’s leadership through elections, set up coalition government, put an end to the ‘Soviet neo-bolshevism’ era, breed multiparty democracy and implement European integration.”

Free Choice said it will launch a nationwide campaign to expose “the real face of the unjust power” to each Georgian. The campaign, called I Remember, will convey its ideas mainly via media. It is expected that I Remember will awake an echo among teachers, the unemployed, refugees, emigrants, rights activists, experts, retirees and war veterans.

“This campaign on a day-to-day basis will remind the leadership and the society that the power must constantly be improved,” the joint statement said, adding that it will run until the beginning of the elections.

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