Get your face morphed at Sochi Olympics

Russia News.Net
Thursday 16th January, 2014

The visitors to Sochi Winter Olympics, which begins in Russia Feb 7, would be able to have their faces scanned and recreated on the facade of a building – all thanks to London-based designer Asif Khan.

Named MegaFaces and being hailed as the ‘Mount Rushmore of the digital age’, Khan’s facade is reportedly designed to function like a huge pin screen, said media reports.

Here, narrow tubes move in and out – transforming a flat facade into an interactive three-dimensional surface that can morph into a face.

Once a visitor gets her face scanned from multiple angles inside a photo booth, the image data is sent to a system that controls 10,000 narrow actuator rods with LED tips, the reports added.

Developers expect the pavilion to be a popular attraction and anticipate a backlog of faces to process.

Each visitor would be given a time when their face would appear, along with an email that includes a 20-second video of the face-morphing moment.

Earlier, Khan had co-designed the Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London.

–Indo-Asian News service


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