GetMovies to provide free content

GetMovies will become Russia’s first movie portal to offer free content, compensated by more advertisement on the screen.

­Russia´s oldest portal of licensed video, Get Movies, will become the first site in the country, where users will be able to download some content free of charge, including new movies, serials, TV programmes and archive recordings, old movies and cartoons, with costs covered by advertising revenues.

However, some movies will still need paid subscription, with the price remaining a bit below DVD, from 9.9 Roubles to 70 Roubles, depending on the content, timing, and other factors.

Copyright owners were most positive about the move, as they realize that such video content as some TV – shows, old serials and programmes is sometimes difficult to sell. The users in turn are happy about the opportunity to get free access to some of the items, with the portal’s audience growing significantly already.

Natalia Titarenko, an editor of the GetMovies project, was upbeat, saying further developments are in the pipeline.

“Further promotion of an advertisement model and development of the whole project are among our immediate plans,” she said, adding that broadening the scope of free video and improving site accessibility would be next.”

“We want to increase the number of free of charge positions, will get down to advancing of navigation on our site and creation of even more comfortable and pleasant interface.”

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