Girls get naked to help homeless dress for winter

Moscow has plenty of strip clubs catering for all sorts of tastes, but this weekend will see a new type of show.

Professional dancers will peel off layer after layer of jumpers – all while attempting to look seductive.

The clothes will later be given to the “Fair-Aid” charity, which helps homeless people in Moscow.

Their life becomes significantly tougher in winter. Last year, 120 people died from the cold in Moscow alone.

Organizers of the special strip show are asking people to bring along warm clothes, including shoes, and also medicines and food.

News of the charity strip stunt provoked a mixed reaction among Russian activists. Many expressed doubt as to whether such ethically dubious activities as strippingshould be used to promote good causes.

The show’s organizers, however, say strip shows are the way to go when it comes to raising awareness.

“There are people who help us constantly – they are not rich, they are just kind,” one of the event’s organizers, Igor Chersky, told RT. “And there are lots of people who aren’t very close to charities. Clubs and parties are more familiar to them. Striptease is something that always attracts attention, so let it attract attention to the real problems!”

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