Govt to continue to support aircraft production

MOSCOW, August 16 (Itar-Tass) — Speaker of the State Duma lower house of the Russian parliament Boris Gryzlov said that aircraft companies still needed state support and that the government would provide it.

“In three years alone, starting from 2009, the government has invested 270 billion rubles in the industry. Aside from assistance the production of aircraft equipment, we’ll be stimulating the demand for it, including by investing money in infrastructure. It is planned to spend 300 billion rubles on the country’s airports within the next five years,” Gryzlov told the journalists on Tuesday.

Also, the state defense order is a serious support of the industry. In 2011, it is planned to purchase 35 planes and 109 helicopters within the state procurements program.

There is no talking at present about the threat to lose the national aircraft-making industry. There is no such issue on the agenda. The Russian aircraft-making industry is developing, and is quite capable of becoming a leading branch in innovative development, he went on to say.

The speaker said the output of aircraft equipment has doubled in the past five years, and that it is far from reaching its limits in production.

Gryzlov expressed the hope that the visitors at the 10th MAKS-2011 air show would see newest models of aircraft, including 5th generation fighters.

“We see an interest in the world in Russian aircraft and helicopters. This year, representatives of 40 countries will travel to Russia’s MAKS air show. We’ll be doing everything to make sure that while comparing the price and quality, consumers choose Russian equipment,” the speaker said.

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