Guys with muscles: world’s toughest celebrities hit Moscow

Bodybuilder and actor Alexander Nevsky and martial arts champion Don ‘the Dragon’ Wilson talked to RT about hope, self-confidence, and blockbusters.

­Dubbed the Russian Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder and actor Alexander Nevsky hosted a seminar at his alma mater – the State University of Management.

The self-made Hollywood action-hero visited Moscow to speak to students about how to make it in show-biz.

“For many years I was skinny, I didn’t have muscles, connections, or money,” Nevsky told RT. “I just believed in myself. If I made it, other people can do it too. Of course, I do sports and bodybuilding, but when I came to Hollywood, it didn’t matter. Even if you have money but don’t know what is going on, you will not make it.”

Nevsky did not come alone – he was joined by martial arts champion Don ‘the Dragon Wilson’ who also attended the seminar.

The Dragon began his fighting career almost thirty years ago, and is featured in dozens of action-packed movies, including the Bloodfist series.

“A lot of violence exists in real world,” Wilson said. “But, unlike in the real world, in my films, good guys always win. That is the message of all action films.”

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