Hard talk over NATO missile defense in Europe

NATO’s plans for European missile defense still remain an unresolved issue in its relations with Russia. Russia’s envoy to NATO insists the US, which is the initiating side of the project, should provide security for all partners.

However, Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin questions why NATO wants to locate a missile shield in the northern part of the continent close to Russia when it says that the only threat to Europe comes from the south.

Nobody can answer this question for us,” he says.

Moscow needs legal guarantees from NATO that the shield will not target Russia. But the process is being hampered by disagreements between the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington, Rogozin has been told. Those are things “that are of no interest for us,” the envoy told RT.

What is important for us is that the United States is the initiating party of this project and it should ensure increased security – not less security – for all the parties involved.”

Russia continues to insist on receiving certain guarantees that the missile shield created by the United States in Europe will not be aimed at Russia.

Rogozin observes that there are two scenarios of creating a joint missile system. The first one involves the participation of Russia. The American military has confirmed that such cooperation is possible, but it would require the political will from Washington, noted Rogozin.

The second scenario is two independent missile shields created by NATO and Russia.

But we still insist that the area of coverage for the NATO missile shield would not surpass the territorial boundaries of NATO countries,” he stressed.

However, there are also forces in US Congress that absolutely oppose any cooperation with Russia, says Rogozin.

“Libyan campaign is increasingly marginalized”

Western countries are getting more and more involved in the military conflict in Libya. Russia has repeatedly accused the alliance of taking sides in the conflict. Germany has recently offered 100 million euros in aid to Libyan rebels who are fighting the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

Even within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization not everybody understands what the war is about right now,” Rogozin notices.

This is a campaign that nobody really needs; this is the West participating in someone else’s military conflict.”

The envoy also underlines that this campaign is increasingly marginalized in the political outlooks of European and American politicians and diplomats.

Who will be held responsible for waging this war, for killing all those people and for destroying all this property?” asks Rogozin.

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