Hearings on preserving Russia’s historical heritage held in Rostov.

17/7 Tass 91a

ROSTOV VELIKY, July 17 (Itar-Tass) —— An official from Russia’s Yaroslavl administration has proposed to set up federally-sponsored restoration centres in Russian oldest cities. The initiative came from Larisa Sorokins, the director of regional department of culture, who spoke on Saturday at the public hearings on the current condition of the heritage of Russia’s oldest cities.

The hearings were organized by the commission on cultural heritage of the Russian Public Chamber and the administration of the Yaroslavl region.

“The city of Rostov, a gem of the Russian Golden Ring, will mark its 1,150th anniversary in 2012. It will also be an anniversary of the formation of the Russian statehood,” Sorokina said. “In his context, problems of preserving historical and cultural monuments are coming to the fore.”

As part of preparation for the jubilee festivities restoration works and archaeological research are being launched in the city, she said.

“All the proposals put forth during the hearing will be worded as recommendations to the Russian ministries of culture, of transport, and of regional development, and to the Public Chamber,” said Zalina Medoyeva, one of the forum’ s organizers and president of interregional public foundation Centre of National Glory.

Among other proposals are the one to stage broader campaign to popularize Russia’s historical values. Such measures may include TV programs and media publications, exhibitions and books and albums.

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