High-rank Russian lawyer discusses attack on his daughter’s car.

6/7 Tass 379

MOSCOW, July 6 (Itar-Tass) – Russian government’s plenipotentiary representatives at high international judiciary instances, Mikhail Barshchevsky believes the attack on his daughter’s car earlier Wednesday was linked either to his own professional activity or to the activity of his son-in-law.

Wednesday afternoon, unknown malefactors made several shots at a car, in which Mikhail Barshchevsky’s daughter Natalya and the son-in-law, businessman Kirill Meshcheryakov were riding. The incident occurred at the crossing of two busy downtown streets, Sadovo-Kudrinskaya and Barrikadnaya.

Neither Natalya nor Kirill were injured. Police detectives say the shots were most likely made from a non-lethal gun.

Still, policemen rule out that the incident might have been caused by a ‘conflict in the process of driving.’

“Those who committed this crime have made a huge mistake, probably a mistake of their lifetime,” Barshchevsky said in a comment on the incident.

He said he had made all the notifications to the law enforcement agencies.

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