Historama, July 11

A 16-year-old boy who started a new dynasty and the first youth games in the Soviet Union made this day in Russian history.

­First Romanov mounts the throne

On this day in 1613, the first Romanov became Russia’s tsar.

Thus, 16-year-old Mikhail started the royal dynasty which headed the country for over 300 years – until the October Revolution in 1917.

When Mikhail was unanimously elected by the Boyar Assembly, his mother, a nun, begged him not to take on the responsibility.

In the end the young nobleman agreed. Yet it was in fact his mother who reigned for the next six years, as the tsar was still too young.

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­Youngsters from all over the world flock to Moscow

On this day in July 1998, Moscow hosted the World Youth Games.

The opening ceremony took place at Luzhniki Stadium.

The event gathered 7,000 athletes, all under the age of 17. They came from 140 countries and five continents.

It was the first time Russia hosted the Youth Games.

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