Historama, July 18

The grim fate of Russia’s last imperial dynasty and the first day of new Soviet school are remembered in tonight’s Historama.

­Romanovs’ murder – part II

Today in 1918, the Bolsheviks murdered more members of the Romanov family.

Emperor Nicholas II and his immediate family had been shot dead the day before in Ekaterinburg.

Today, eight other Romanovs, including the Grand Duke and Duchess, were thrown down the Alapayevskaya mine, where they died from hunger and injury.

Grand Duchess Elizaveta and her sister were later canonized by the Russian Church.

­USSR says goodbye to segregation

On this day in 1954, Soviet boys and girls began to study together.

From 1918 Soviet authorities proclaimed that there must be no single-sex education as men and women are equal.

During WWII, when this practice returned, teachers believed it was very inefficient.

In the middle of 1950s it was decided to educate all children together to make them better organized and patient towards each other.

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