Historama, September 8

The anniversary of the founding of Kazan Cathedral in St.Petersburg and sixty years since the signing of the peace treaty with Japan which marked the end of WWII are in today’s Historama.


­Today in 1801 work started on Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

It took 10 years to complete and it has become one of the most prominent Orthodox churches in Russia.

Following the defeat of Napoleon in 1812, it became a victory monument and a military museum.

Marshal Kutuzov who led the Russian army in that war was buried there in 1813.

­Still no peace

­And 60 years ago today, America, Great Britain, France and a host of other countries signed a peace treaty with Japan at the San Francisco Peace Conference.

Japan acknowledged the independence of Korea and promised to give up its claim over the Kuril Islands and part of Sakhalin Island.

The Soviet Union was present at the conference but abstained from signing.

To this day, Russia has no peace treaty with Japan.

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