Hockey player crash survivor dies

Russia‘s Lokomotiv hockey player, Alexander Galimov, who was severely injured in a plane crash on September 7, died on Monday in a Moscow hospital, RIA Novosti quoted the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery as saying in a statement.

“On September 12, in the morning, despite continuing therapy using all possible contemporary treatments, Alexander Galimov died from severe burns in the burn center of the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery,” the statement said.

Galimov, who had suffered burns to 80% of his body, was sent to Moscow Institute of Surgery on Thursday together with another survivor, a member of the crew, Alexander Sizov.

Forty-five people died on Wednesday afternoon when a plane carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl ice-hockey team crashed during take-off near Yaroslavl, some 300 kilometers from Moscow.

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