Hollywood helps rescue Russian children

Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, Sophia Loren, Isabella Rossellini, Carol Bouquet, Orlando Bloom… what looks like a line-up of VIP guests to an A-list film festival turned out to be a roster of participants of a charity concert in Moscow.

­An army of celebrities has descended on the Russian capital to help raise money for children with cancer and eye conditions.

The event held behind closed doors saw Hollywood stars donating presents and money certificates to doctors and children with cancer and eye problems.

Among those given support, according to RIA news agency, was Vladimir Polyakov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Russian Cancer Research Center, named after Blokhin.

The medical worker picked up $106,000 from one of France’s brightest stars, Carol Bouquet, who runs her own children’s charity foundation in France.

“My granddaughter, Dasha, was born a month ago. Her mother is Russian. So all Russian children are now members of my family,” the actress explained.

Her British counterpart, the star of The Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom, handed out his present to a little patient of an eye clinic, Artyom.

The 34-year-old actor who has recently become a father himself was quoted as saying that there is nothing more important than children, and protecting them is a must.

Among those who made donations were Sophia Loren, Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons.   

Russian Minister of Culture Aleksandr Avdeev also thanked celebrated Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli who gave $106,000 to an eye clinic in St Petersburg for helping Russian children.

The highlight of the charity concert was a performance from one of the world’s most renowned filmmakers, the man behind Annie Hall, Woody Allen.

A versatile comedian, actor, playwright and screenwriter, Allen made his name as a passionate jazz clarinet player, performing since he was a teenager.

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