Home-wrecking beauties banned

Asian beauties will be given an unsolicited lesson – one on family values. Those who choose to take part in a Taiwanese beauty pageant now also have to sign a paper confirming they are not stealing anybody’s husband in their leisure time.

­Dangerous Liaisons are not welcome in Taiwan any longer.

“Beginning this year, each contestant must sign a declaration honestly stating she hasn’t been in any extramarital affairs,” Fifi Chang, organizer of the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant, told AFP Monday.

Dozens of women, mostly college students, have reportedly applied to join this year’s pageant scheduled for June. However, “anyone found violating the declaration will lose the right to compete in the pageant‚Ķ serving the purpose of correcting worsening social morals.”

It is believed that the moralist move has been pepped up by growing concerns over celebrity extramarital affairs in the country.

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