Icelandic volcano erupts | Top Russian news and analysis online | 'RIA Novosti' newswire

Icelandic volcano erupts | Top Russian news and analysis online | ‘RIA Novosti’ newswire: “A volcano at Eyjafjallajoekull in south-central Iceland continued to erupt under an ice-sheet on Wednesday, without realising the fears of many Icelanders that it might unleash floods of meltwater.
Vulcanologists said the location of the eruption, between the Eyjafjallajoekull and Myrdalsjoekull glaciers at a height of 1100 metres (3,600 feet), meant that there was little likelihood of flooding as long as the erupting fissure did not extend beneath the glacier.
The area, called Fimmvorduhals, lies on a popular walking path over the mountain pass.
Bad weather had hindered close filming until Wednesday morning, when it became apparent that the erupting fissure was about 500 metres (550 yards) long.
Almost all the 600 people who were moved from their homes early on Sunday morning have been allowed to return, although inhabitants of 14 farms were still ordered to stay away. There have been no injuries or damage to property so far. Previous eruptions in Eyjafjallajoekull have triggered eruptions in the volcano Katla some 20 km (12 miles) to the east but there have been no signs of any changes in the much more powerful Katla.
Katla is beneath Myrdalsjoekull and an eruption there would cause widespread flooding from the melting of glacier ice.”

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