In the Mood for Plant

A legend in the hall of the legends, former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant will play a live gig in the Russian capital on July 29.

­Big Log, In the Mood, All Your Love… his voice is still his instrument, so what does it matter if Plant is 63 years old when he is still out there, keen to perform.

The singer made his first commercial recordings almost half a century ago. In 1967, he had set up his Band of Joy. Then Plant, drummer John Bonham, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones assembled to become The New Yardbirds which became Led Zeppelin. They rocked and rocked until Bonham died.

Plant’s concert in Moscow will be a potpourri, a digest of more or less his entire music career, spanning four decades, from his early days in rock-n-roll to Led Zeppelin big hits like Black Dog, Houses of the Holy, Misty Mountain Hop, Ramble On and Gallows Pole.

But first and foremost, Plant will be in Moscow to present his latest album, Band of Joy, to his Russian fans who are waiting to hear such compositions as Angel Dance, House of Cards, Silver Rider and You Can’t Buy My Love.

Recorded in Nashville with a team of all-star musicians, it features a signature “old school” sound, yet with a dash of new, eclectic energy. Most of the songs are remakes of old singles, written by a clutch of composers for different musical styles. So prepare for a fusion of rock, blues and folk, as well as some psychedelic sound.

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