India-Russia Partnership Is a Cornerstone of Multipolar World Order

Today, India is a unique Russian partner from a military point of view, according to Mikhail Alexandrov, leading analyst of the Centre for Military-Political Studies at Moscow State Institute. He spoke to Federal Business Agency Economy Today.

India is not only the second largest market for sales for the Russian defence industry, but also an important economic partner. In recent years, both countries have been expanding their cooperation within the framework of such organizations as the SCO, BRICS and the United Nations.

Alexandrov said New Delhi and Moscow have a very close military partnership. These relations were outlined back in the 1960s, not long after India gained independence (in 1947). At the same time, the USSR began to supply arms. Then there was a cooling-off period, when the USSR and China enhanced their relations. But soon, regardless of China, the multifaceted cooperation was strengthened with the signing of a Treaty of Friendship and Understanding in 1970.

Essentially, this partnership is at a higher level than with any other country, because we sell India strategic weapons. We do not sell strategic weapons to any other country besides India. In particular, we give them nuclear submarines for rent. It is a level of cooperation that we have with no one else. Like, for instance, the United States helps England, the only country to which the US sells strategic weapons. Generally, selling strategic weapons is not common, there is a certain unspoken taboo,” Alexandrov said.

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