International Drug Sweep Nets Over 470 Kilos

MOSCOW, December 21 (RIA Novosti) – More than 470 kg of various types of drugs and 766 kg of precursor chemicals were seized in an anti-drug operation conducted by Russia and three other ex-Soviet states, Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service said on Friday.

“For four days, coordinated anti-drug efforts were being conducted on the territory stretching from Belarus in the west to China in the east,” the Russian Federal Drug Control Service said in a statement.

The operation, conducted by Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus ended on Thursday. It involved 66,000 personnel from anti-drug agencies, law-enforcement and security bodies, customs, border and financial intelligence services from the four states.

More than 4,000 task groups were set up for checks in 1,500 railway stations, 200 airports and sea ports.

“Almost 470 kg of drugs were seized, including 36 kg of synthetic drugs, 269 kg of Afghan heroin, about 102 kg of marijuana, 48 kg of hashish, 2.5 kg of raw opium, as well as 766 kg of precursors” the statement reads.

The operation also yielded 198 firearms and $123,000 worth of valuables.

Law-enforcement officers from China, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Finland took part as observers.


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