International summit on Libya opens in Paris

The international summit on the situation in Libya has opened in Paris.

The leaders of the European Union, the Arab League and the African Union, and also the UN Secretary General and US Secretary of State are discussing the details of a likely military operation.

According to a French official, everything is ready for an air operation aimed at stopping the offense of governmental forces on rebels’ positions.

A squadron of US warships has been already deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The US ships will soon be joined by France’s Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier.    

The resolution that the UN Security Council adopted on Friday urges that air space over the Jamahiriya should be closed and that Gaddafi should be prevented from bombing Libyan cities.

The international coalition is going to deliver a ceasefire ultimatum.

Unless Gaddafi meets the ultimatum, Libya may come under attack as early as this coming night.

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