Iran Most Likely Helped By The New Sanctions…

Looks like a watered down sanction that was so pushed by a impetus America most likely will have an different effect than expected…

Russia’s support for the sanctions proposed by the U.S. won’t curry any favor with Iran. However, it will not affect Russia’s cooperation with Iran in the nuclear power industry, and Russia will be able to sell missile defense systems to Iran under the agreement reached prior to the sanctions. The sanctions only ban the sale of heavy offensive weapons.

Strange though it may seem, these sanctions may provide an impetus for the resolution of another non-proliferation issue. Arab countries, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Brazil have long insisted on fair play when it comes to non-proliferation, and they have demanded that the United States urge Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and make public its own nuclear program. It will be very difficult for Washington to resist this demand after getting its new round of sanctions. (Read more of the story)

Interesting and probably very true. Well see won’t we?

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