Israel‘s friends-turned-foes meet

Turkey has warned Israel that it faces growing isolation in the region, as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan heads for Egypt. Both countries have experienced a rapid change of attitude towards Israel recently.

­The Turkish leader is to meet Egypt’s top brass and the head of the Arab League there. They will discuss the regional tension and the situation in Palestine.

Turkey cut all military and trade ties with the Jewish state after it refused to apologize for killing nine Turks in a raid on an aid flotilla last year.

Amidst the conflict, Ankara increased its Navy presence in the Mediterranean and has vowed to convoy future humanitarian fleets going to Gaza.

Turkey also said it will sue Israel in the International Court in The Hague over its blockade of Gaza.

Tel Aviv may offer its support to Kurd and Armenian minorities in Turkey, if the conflict gets worse, Israeli media reported.

The Jewish state has recently found relations with Cairo also strained, after rioters there ransacked the Israeli embassy. The ambassador was recalled to Tel Aviv after the incident.

Anger swelled in Cairo after Israeli forces, responding to a cross-border militant attack, mistakenly killed five Egyptian police officers last month.

Earlier Israeli Major General Eyal Eisenberg warned that a regional war may soon erupt in the Middle East and urged the Jewish State to be prepared for it. The statement was later rebuffed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

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