Israeli doctor claims elder Klitschko has Parkinson’s disease symptoms

Israeli neurosurgeon Jonathan Degen from Herzliya Medical Center claims WBC heavyweight champion Vitaly Klitschko is showing early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The doctor made his conclusion having watched the boxer in action. An expert in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Degen advised the elder Klitschko to quit boxing immediately.

“Vitaly is a great champion, but he must take care of himself. I watch all his fights. And of course, I watched his clash against Tomasz Adamek on September 10. It was a total victory, but some dangerous symptoms in Vitaly’s behavior alerted me and I want to warn him. I think that 40 years is that age for Vitaly when it’s dangerous to continue boxing,” Degen told

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. It results from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain. It has become almost a professional disease for boxers who receive a lot of hard punches to head during their career. Mohammed Ali is the most vivid example. The disease is currently incurable.

“I drew attention to Klitschko’s movement in the ring during the fight against Adamek as an expert,” the doctor added. “Note that he possessed full advantage, but was unable to deliver any knockout punch to a helpless opponent. It was hard for him to coordinate his body. Adamek received pokes instead of punches.”

“It’s impossible to beat all the contenders. He has already become a legend, now it’s time to take care of his health,” Degen concluded.

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