Jackson’s gold jackets reveal real Man in Mirror

The King of Pop had a collection of gloves and gold jackets to die for, but a closer look at his coveted accessories yields surprising insights. Now, photos of MJ’s personal items and scenic suits will go on show in Moscow for the first time ever.

­At the Pobeda gallery, Russian fans will have a chance to see another side of the legendary entertainer captured in revealing images by renowned American photographer Henry Leutwayler, whose credits include portraits of Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Beyonce and Martin Scorsese.

But the challenge this time around was to “destroy the media myth and create a portrait of the person” without much glitz and glamour.

Neverland Lost – A Portrait of Michael Jackson by Henry Leutwayler

­Leutwayler chose to focus on the material world of the iconic resident of Neverland ranch, who rose to the inaccessible peak of the musical Olympus – but eventually isolated himself from family and friends.

 “It was the story of a childhood sacrificed to musical gift and show. Neverland was a path which Jackson laid to the childhood,” the photographer explained.

Neverland Lost – A Portrait of Michael Jackson by Henry Leutwayler

­In 2009, he travelled to the singer’s “fortress” to take a photo of the King’s legendary white glove.  

“The house at Neverland had been vacant for several years till the time of my arrival. When I opened boxes with his belongings which were expecting auction, it evoked in me a deep sadness. The accessories of the King of Pop music were very simple. On sparkling shirts and gold jackets — sweat and cosmetics traces”.


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