Jailed Palestinian vows to sue Ukrainian government for allowing his abduction

Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu-Sisi who was imprisoned on terrorism charges after being abducted from Ukraine in February will sue the Ukrainian government, his lawyer told the Kommersant-Ukraina daily on Thursday.

Abu-Sisi, 43, vanished from a train in Ukraine on February 19 and later appeared in an Israeli jail. Israeli prosecutors have accused him of attempting to kill hundreds of Israelis, producing arms and participating in terrorist activities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Abu-Sisi is “a Hamas man” who has provided “valuable information” to Israel.

Sisi has pleaded innocence and denied any links with Hamas. His wife, Ukrainian national Veronika Abu-Sisi, has accused the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of committing the abduction.

Ukrainian law enforcers have insisted they played no part in the abduction.

Abu-Sisi’s lawyer Tal Linoy said he will file lawsuits against the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Security Service, the State Border Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

He is also considering filing charges against the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has not officially protested the violation of international and Ukrainian law and a convention on extradition signed between Ukraine and Israel.

“If the Israeli intelligence services have abducted Palestinian on the territory of a friendly state and without the knowledge of the Ukrainian law enforcers, than it is piracy,” Linoy said.

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