Journalists radically changed in information age

The position of a journalist has changed dramatically nowadays because of the so-called “atomization of information,” Igor Shchyogolev, the Russian mass communications minister, said on Thursday.

“There didn’t used to be very many media outlets as they had to compete with each other and they were describing the same events from different sides. Nowadays, when everyone has his own niche, each one gets deep into it, losing touch with everything else. In this regard, the role of a journalist will change drastically,” the minister said at a media session in RIA Novosti.

Russian multimedia news agency RIA Novosti held a special session of the International Future Media Forum titled “Russian and Foreign Media: Past, Present, Future” with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and top media experts taking part in the session.

The participants were discussing how social media can help the traditional media to target their audience with specifically tailored news pick ups for every reader.

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