Karelia Looks to Investors to Step Up Mineral Production

More than 40 investors have shown an interest in helping to develop infrastructure in order to extract mineral resources from the Karelia region, said Alexander Khudilaynen, Head of the Republic of Karelia, in an interview on Thursday.

“We are talking to over 40 investors about mineral extraction projects in the region,” Khudilaynen told RIA Novosti. “The area is rich in granite, amphibolites, gabbro and diabase, and it’s good quality too, with dozens of unique colors.”

Granite, amphibolites, gabbro and diabase rocks are commonly used in the construction of roads and pavements, and also the facing of buildings, due to their attractive textures, dark color, hardness, polishability and ready availability, Khudilaynen said. last year, Karelia produced more than 18 million cubic meters of crushed stone, and is looking to increase that to 30 million cubic meters a year with the expansion of existing quarries.

Khudilaynen also said he was looking into stepping up production at the Petrozavodsk gold mine in Karelia.

Image credit: kryshen via Flickr.com

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