Katia Zatuliveter hopes to publish own book in Great Britain

Alleged Russian spy Katia Zatuliveter said in an interview with RIA Novosti on Saturday that she is now finishing an own book about her life in Great Britain and hopes to publish in the United Kingdom next year.

Zatuliveter, a former aide to British Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock, was arrested in August 2010 and then ordered to leave the country on charges of spying for Russia. She had admitted to having a four-year affair with Hancock, who is married, but denied being a spy.

The British Special Immigration Appeals Commission on November 29 upheld Zatuliveter’s appeal against the order to deport her to Russia. The commission cleared the 26-year-old Russian from suspicions of being a spy.

“The book is almost completed. I now only have to find a publisher. I hope, I would find a publisher this year and it will take me a couple of months to finish the book,” Zatuliveter said.

She hopes to publish the book online by March. The print version would go on sale next summer.

Zatuliveter said she has written her story in English and a professional writer helped her with the editing. She said she is also going to publish the story in Russian but it has to be re-written for the Russian readership.

“There are many descriptions and explanations [in the English versions] about Russia that Russians do not need. On the other hand there are many jokes and phrases that Russians do not understand,” Zatuliveter said, adding that the re-writing will take a year or two.

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