Kemerovo governor urges to economize for sake of sick children

KEMEROVO, August 15 (Itar-Tass) — Kemerovo regional Governor Aman Tuleyev has addressed owners and managers of coal companies on the eve of Miner’s Day, urging them to cut the expenditures on pop stars and fireworks. “It would be more appropriate to give the saved money to sick children who need costly treatment, ” Tuleyev said.

Serious work is going on in Kuzbass to attract additional funds for children who need help. The regional health service department has made a list of 300 children who need highly sophisticated medical assistance and are to receive the money economized by the coal industry.

Day of Miner is the main holiday in Kuzbass, the Kemerovo governor told journalists. However, Tuleyev warned that managers of coal companies should reasonably plan the expenditures on the holiday. “Millions might go within a minute in the glitter of sparkling fireworks, while the same money might go to children for whom it is the only chance to survive,” Tuleyev said.

Earlier, Tuleyev had repeatedly donated money to children who need help. In March Tuleyev displayed at an auction his unique collection numbering 218 hunting and combat guns made of silver, steel and decorated with leather and other incrustation technique. The collection was recognized to be of great artistic and historic value. A bidder who preferred to remain anonymous bought the collection for five million roubles. The money raised was used on urgent surgeries made on almost 60 children in Kuzbass who were diagnosed with serious maladies, including neuro- physiological and locomotive disorders.


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